PUBLICATION: Adsorption mechanisms of antimonate on Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides

Barbora Hudcová et al. recently published a paper focused on adsorption mechanisms of Sb(V) on Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides under different conditions. The mechanism was investigated by surface complexation modeling coupled with various spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. In general, predominant formation of bidentate binuclear complexes was observed. Moreover, surface-induced precipitation of brandholzite and/or formation of brandholzite-like phases occurred at higher pH values and Sb(V) concentrations. Such a complex mechanistic/modeling approach has not previously been presented and enables prediction of the Sb(V) adsorption behavior onto Mg-Fe LDHs under different conditions, evaluating their possible use in actual remediation applications.

Hudcová B., Erben M., Vítková M., Komárek M., 2019. Antimonate adsorption onto Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides in aqueous solutions at different pH values: Coupling surface complexation modeling with solid-state analyses. Chemosphere 229, 236–246. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2019.05.008

Read the paper here.

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