PUBLICATION: How do soil stabilizing amendments interact with sunflower plants?

Zuzana Michálková et al. recently published a paper focused on the use of two novel stabilizing amendments in metal(loid)-contaminated soils and their interactions with plants. Experiments with rhizoboxes were performed to investigate the contaminant mobility in the bulk soil and rhizosphere. An amorphous Mn oxide proved to be more efficient than nanoiron. The Mn oxide decreased extractable metal(loid)s, reduced their uptake and improved sunflower growth. However, excessive amount of Mn released from this oxide caused phytotoxic effects.

Michálková Z., Martínez-Fernández D., Komárek M., 2017. Interactions of two novel stabilizing amendments with sunflower plants grown in a contaminated soil. Chemosphere 186, 374-380.

Read the paper here.