PUBLICATION: Magnesium-iron layered double hydroxides as excellent sorbents of zinc and lead

In this study, Hudcová et al. propose a comprehensive mechanistic/modeling approach as a powerful tool for describing the mechanism of zinc and lead ions binding on Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides in aqueous solutions. Such a study is the first of its type and it showed Mg-Fe LDHs performed as universal sorbents usable in metal contaminated waters under variable experimental conditions.


Hudcová B., Veselská V., Filip J., Číhalová S., Komárek M., 2018. Highly effective Zn(II) and Pb(II) removal from aqueous solutions using Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides: Comprehensive adsorption modeling coupled with solid state analyses. Journal of Cleaner Production 171, 944-953.

Read the paper here.

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