PUBLICATION: Modeling, spectroscopic and isotopic approach to the Cr(VI) adsorption in soils

Study investigates redox transitions associated with the adsorption of Cr(VI) on commonly occurring soil components (silicates, oxides and humic acids) and their synthetic mixtures by coupling the mechanistic surface complexation modeling with spectroscopic and isotopic analyses. Promising combined approach offers more comprehensive information about the complex processes of adsorption/reduction of Cr(VI) in soil environments. Results obtained from multiple perspectives can further contribute to elucidate the fate of Cr(VI) in contaminated soils and to develop capable remediation measures.

Veselská V., Šillerová H., Göttlicher J., Michálková Z., Siddique J. A., Číhalová S., Chrastný V., Steininger R., Mangold S., Komárek M., 2019. The role of soil components in synthetic mixtures during the adsorption and speciation changes of Cr(VI): Conjunction of the modeling approach with spectroscopic and isotopic investigations. Environment International 127, 848-857. DOI: 10.1016/j.envint.2019.03.066

Read the paper here.

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