Road-side dust from central Jakarta, Indonesia

Another example of our broad international cooperation! Road-side dust is one of the media for tracing atmospheric pollution, especially in big cities such as Jakarta. This study aims to determine the metal(loid) concentrations and Pb isotopes of road-side dust to assess the metal contents and characterise contamination sources of the bay, industry, railway, traffic, and residential areas in central Jakarta. The mineralogical composition and bioaccessibility of the 5 types of road-side dust and gasoline samples were investigated. Moreover, in vitro tests of simulated gastric and lung fluids were performed and indicated a potentially high risk of human exposure to metal contaminants.

Wijaya A.R., Kusumaningrum I.K., Hakim L., Francová A., Chrastný V., Vítková M., Vaňková Z., Komárek M., 2022. Road-side dust from central Jakarta, Indonesia: Assessment of metal(loid) content, mineralogy, and bioaccessibility. Environmental Technology & Innovation 28, 102934. DOI: 10.1016/j.eti.2022.102934

Read the Open Access paper here.

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