Slag leaching properties and release of contaminants

A new book chapter entitled “Slag leaching properties and release of contaminants” was co-authored by Martina Vítková. The chapter is a part of the Metallurgical slags: Environmental geochemistry and resource potential book published by the prestigious publisher, The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Laboratory leaching tests are used to simulate the leaching behavior of metallurgical slags under variable environmental conditions. This chapter describes the typical leaching scenarios, experimental protocols, and results obtained by single-step leaching tests, kinetic batch leaching tests, pH-dependent leaching tests, column (percolation) tests, and specific tests mimicking the slag exposure in soil systems. Moreover, combining various leaching tests with geochemical modeling and mineralogical investigation is useful for depicting the geochemical processes affecting the release of metal(loid) contaminants into the environment.

Ettler V., Vítková M., 2021. Slag leaching properties and release of contaminants. In: Piatak N.M. & Ettler V. (eds.): Metallurgical slags: Environmental geochemistry and resource potential. The Royal Society of Chemistry, p. 151-173. ISBN 978-1-78801-887-6. DOI: 10.1039/9781839164576-00151



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