Soil water content affects metalloid immobilisation by Fe and biochar sorbents

The results of a comprehensive laboratory study performed by our PhD student Szimona Zarzsevszkij were published in the journal Soil Use and Management (IF = 3.8)! The research summarizes the effects of different soil water contents on the immobilization efficiency of several iron and biochar-based sorbents in a contaminated mine soil towards the risk elements antimony (Sb) and arsenic (As). After soil incubation with the sorbents, scanning electron microscopy analysis revealed solid-phase changes of the sorbents and that sorption onto secondary Fe minerals was the dominant Sb/As immobilizing mechanism. Such imitation studies are crucial for evaluating risk element affinity towards novel sorbents prior to their full-scale field application.

Zarzsevszkij S., Vítková M., Zelená Pospíšková K., Kolařík J., Böserle Hudcová B., Jurkovič Ľ., 2023. Management of a contaminated mine soil: Effect of soil water content on antimony and arsenic immobilization by iron-based amendments and biochar composites. Soil Use and Management 00, 1–22. DOI: 10.1111/sum.12968

Read the paper here.

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