Stable isotope tracing of Ni and Cu pollution in North-East Norway

Hana Šillerová et al. recently published a paper focused on the use of Ni and Cu isotopes for tracing contamination sources in the environment. Various environmental samples (snow, soil, lichens, PM10) were collected in north-east Norway to identify the smelter-derived particles and stable isotope fractionation. Based metal isotope fingerprinting, the whole area is enriched in heavy Ni and Cu isotopes highlighting the impact of the smelting activity. 

Šillerová H., Chrastný V., Vítková M., Francová A., Jehlička J., Gutsch M.R., Kocourková J., Aspholm P.E., Nilsson L.O., Berglen T.F., Jensen H.K.B., Komárek M., 2017. Stable isotope tracing of Ni and Cu pollution in North-East Norway: Potentials and drawbacks. Environmental Pollution 228, 149-157.

Read the paper here.

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