Michal K. and Michal Ř. presented their work at ICE "2020"

The largest international entomological congress took place in Helsinki with a delay of two years. Michal Knapp led a symposium entitled "Pest management perspectives", where he presented his results on the possible benefits of field defects and ecosystem services on arable landscape. Michal Řeřicha presented two posters. The topics were about the successful parasitism of Harmonia axyridis ladybirds by Dinocampus coccinellae and on the effect of overwintering in three model winters on ladybirds Harmonia axyridis.

In addition to the scientific program, we also enjoyed non-conference events. We visited the pre-round of the Champions League between HJK Helsinki and FC Viktoria Plzeň to expand the fan base of the Czech football team in Finland :-). Further, we visited the historical fortress of Suomenlinna, which is on the UNESCO list, and of course we visited the beautiful Finnish nature for sampling ladybird for future research.

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