Team news

How to store a beetle larva?

Our team members like to pickle stuff. However, we don't mean cucumbers or fruits but insect larvae!

The season was upon us

Summer was here, children were enjoying their free time out of school, and adults their vacations. But science knows no vacation!

Visiting partnered research centre

We visited our partners in UCEEB to discuss and plan the cooperation regarding our research of night-insect-friendly streetlamps.


Congratulations Doctor Santiago!

Our team member Santiago Montoya-Molina successfully defended his doctorate thesis and received his well-deserved Ph.D. title.

Open Access Week

Martin participated in the Open Access Week at the CZU Library. The event promoted the idea of Open Science.

We went to the Police Academy

Our project manager, Martin, and Iva Podlipná, our project administrator, went to the annual Meeting with representatives of the security research project managers.

Doctoral Summer School 2022

Karolina took part in the organization of the event and participated in the summer school.

Martin interviewed in Živá univerzita

We were talking about fireflies, necrophagous beetles and our interesting projects.

International Congress of Entomology 2022 in Helsinki

Karolina and Santiago traveled far north (but not beyond the Wallto represent our research in the beautiful capital of Finland.

Conference SGEM 2022

Pavel and Martin went to represent some of our work to the XXIInd International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying, Geology and Mining, Ecology and Management, SGEM 2022 held in Bulgaria.

Prague is searching for fireflies!

Come join our newest project, which aims to explore where in Prague do fireflies occur.

Field exercise day

This weekend, Pavel Jakubec took first-grade bachelor students to Holý vrch hill near Únětice to learn about insects and ecosystems.

Meet the Necros: Oiceoptoma thoracicum

A forensically important carrion beetle with suede-like black elytra and a red-orange "shield" on its back.


Trapping season in progress

With the temperatures reaching pleasant levels, insects wake up from the winter slumber to return to their daily activities. And we were ready to catch them.

Ecology Across Borders 2021

Martin Novák and Karolina Mahlerová bravely went to represent our research in Liverpool, UK, despite the Covid pandemic.

Happy Easter from our beetles!

The easter bunny has visited our necrophagous beetle colonies and left us presents.

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