Double degree between CZU FES and Cranfield University

There exists a unique opportunity to our FES students who may be interested in perusing a Double Degree between CZU and the prestigious Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. Cranfield University is a British postgraduate and research-based university specializing in science, engineering, technology and management. The main campus is located in the rural landscape near the village of Cranfield, 50 miles north of London. A select number of our FES students go there to study in their School of Applied Sciences, known as SAS.

What is a Double Degree? This allows you to receive two graduate degrees; one from CZU and one from Cranfield. You will spend the first year of your study here at CZU and the second at Cranfield. You will defend your thesis here and also prepare a detailed paper for Cranfield.

How long does this take? It takes not much longer than if you studied just here at CZU. However, the time spent at Cranfield is an intense 11-month term of study with only very short two-week breaks and no summer period. What this means is that you actually complete in 11 months at Cranfield what would normally be completed in a two-year period.

Formal interviews are typically conducted in April when a representative from Cranfield comes to CZU, however we will also conduct interviews in February to determine the best candidates.

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