Faculty International mobilities from the perspective of students #5

Last fall semester of 2022, I spent in South Korea, in the city of Gwangju, located in the country's south. Gwangju is a big city with rich history, and I got an amazing chance to experience it through the Chonnam National University, one of the biggest in Korea. The campus is huge and has everything a student needs: a spacious library, various study rooms, cozy cafes, ATMs, a bank, a post office, and even a dental clinic and hospital. 

During the exchange stay, I studied “Bioenergy,” “Hazardous wastes,” and “Introduction to economics,” which were exceptionally interesting to study and expanded my knowledge. University also supported us throughout the whole time. They organized a few events, like a group trip to the cultural village or a festival, which helped international students like me bond and make new friends. 

When I had free time, I traveled over Korea. I visited eight beautiful cities and villages, tried traditional Korean clothing and authentic food as well as visited temples, and got to connect with the culture. This stay gave me an unforgettable experience, new friends, and a new perspective.

I can definitely recommend this university and Korea for exchange stay to everyone. It is worth your time and effort.


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