Faculty International mobilities from the perspective of students #8

Attending the 2023 International SWAT Conference in Aarhus, Denmark was an incredible experience. It was encouraging to be surrounded with people who shared a desire to address flooding issues and protect water resources.

The highlight of the conference was meeting scientists with similar interests. The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences was invaluable. Conversations with numerous water management specialists widened my perspective. These connections fostered collaboration and the investigation of potential joint initiatives to address complex situations.

My research on sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) as water regime protectors was presented in the conference. It was a pleasure to present my findings to such an informed group. My poster illustrated how SuDS mitigate flood hazards, enhance water quality, and advance sustainable water management. Positive feedback and informative discussions confirmed the value of the work and provided opportunities for development.

In addition to the official talks, there were workshops, panel discussions, and chances to meet new people. At these events, people could look into different topics, hear from experts, and meet new people. These connections led to future study partnerships that will help improve how water is managed.

The International SWAT Conference of 2023 was enlightening and rewarding. The conference expanded my understanding of SWAT analysis tools and fueled my desire for sustainable solutions. I value the connections, knowledge, and motivation. This conference strengthened my resolve to preserve water regulations and reduce flood risks by implementing sustainable drainage solutions. I anticipate applying the lessons learned and collaborating with other participants to enhance water management. 

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