Our student´s experience from a study stay in Israel

Were you satisfied with the selected subject?

I liked all chosen subjects. Classes were well structured and very interesting.

And what about the services on campus?

The campus is very big and has many facilities. There are places to be alone or in a group and people who can assist if any help is needed; the services were all good. There are different cafeterias and restaurants. There is a pool and sports facilities like a gym, tennis, volleyball, etc., and other group training types. In addition to classes on the big campus, there is an extra campus further in the desert, which is an excellent way of seeing more of smaller village life.

Would you recommend studying at Ben-Gurion University to other students from CZU?

Definitely! It was an amazing experience. The university is great and very lively with great student life. Students are open-minded and friendly, and most professors are very nice and helpful. Subjects are interesting, and it is a good way of experiencing a different style of studying in a new environment.

Did you have any culture shock?

Even though life is different from most European countries, it was surprisingly easy to blend in and feel good; it is a welcoming environment.


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